Our Mission.

Ensuring the success of changemakers and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to ensure humans are enjoying the basic needs.


  1. Food & Water

  2. Shelter & Mobility

  3. Clothing & Hygiene

  4. Health & Wellness

Food & Water.

Meat is resource depleting. It contributes to the mental illness of butchers. It pollutes water and air. It needs a massive amount of refrigeration. It is greatly responsible for global warming. So, we work only with vegan businesses.

Our client who is ensuring the plant-rich diet is accessible to humanity.


Shelter & Mobility.

We consider the forest as the shelter for humans & animals. We support green buildings built using natural materials. We encourage active transportation for short distance and electric mobility longer commute.

Our client who is ensuring the electric mobility is accessible to humanity.

Clothing & Hygiene

We consider an article of clothing is sustainable if it is made out of rain-fed native-breed organic cotton fibre or hemp fibre or any other sustainably sourced plant fibre which is naturally dyed used plants and herbs. We support recycling and slow fashion. We admire the work of zero-waste vegan soap makers. We believe reusable sanitary napkins can save humanity from pollution.

Our client who is ensuring sustainable fashion is accessible to humanity.


Health & Wellness

Free space in mind creates millions of eco-conscious humans. Good night sleep is a basic necessity and it enhances life. Mindfulness and loving-kindness increases happiness index of humanity.

Our client who is ensuring health & wellness is accessible to humanity.


"The first follower will turn any lone nut into a leader and together they start a movement"

- inspired by Derek Sivers's wisdom through his TED talk: how to start a movement


 Let's recreate a beautiful and happy world. Together!