Our Pack.

We are all different. But we love our diversity. Having good intension is what we all have in common.

"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack"

- inspired by the Wolf Pack chant from the movie The Jungle Book 


Our associates are business management specialists who simply cannot separate their personal values from their work. They are on a mission to guide every value-driven entrepreneur to success. They are just as passionate about your eco-conscious brand as you are.

  • Kellen Hollier

    Human Resource & Customer Experience Specialist

    As a vegan and a mother, I believe it is extremely important to practice my values both in my personal and my professional life. I want to use my skills to help ethical businesses thrive so that current and future generations of humans and animals live in a kinder world.

  • Monica Pandian

    Sustainability Strategist

    I believe in bringing positive changes in people's lives by following a mindful lifestyle, by making conscious decisions, and by including and inspiring others in the process. I'm glad I am able to do it through Vyugam.

  • Praveen Ponraj

    Business Strategist & Project Management Specialist

    I wish to see positive changes in the world. I believe the change begins with me. I choose to live as lightly as I can by being a minimalist, buying products and services from businesses that respect humans, animals, and the planet equally. I founded Vyugam because I love helping businesses that are truly willing to create positive impact.


Yes, our clients are part of our pack too. Our relationships extend beyond contracts. They are change-makers who share our business values. Together, we are doing wonderful things.

  • Green Cuisine

    Food: Fulfilling the basic necessity of humankind.

    Green Cuisine's unique business model is helping more than 500 Victorians to make a sustainable food choice every single day for 29 years since establishment. More than just happy we feel prestigious to work with Green Cuisine. While we share our knowledge on trending branding strategies and modern project management techniques, Green Cuisine shares invaluable wisdom such as humility, respect, and patience with us. Together, we are creating positive impacts in the lives of humans and animals. 

  • Bumblebee

    Mobility: Fulfilling the basic necessity of humankind.

    Bumblebee Electric Vehicle and Solar Collective offer regular folks the chance to switch to zero-emissions electric drive fed by their very own home solar power, so they can drive on sunshine! Bumblebee is pioneering some innovative social funding ideas. Through its pioneering innovative social funding ideas, Bumblebee is on a mission to make the move to zero-carbon transport and lighter living.

"The first follower will turn any lone nut into a leader and together they start a movement"

- inspired by Derek Sivers's wisdom through his TED talk: how to start a movement


 Let's recreate a beautiful and happy world. Together!