About Vyugam.

Truly sustainable people, strategies & services.

" A real consultant walks the talk, every single time "

- inspired by Peter Block from his book Flawless Consulting 

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Where did we come from?

The scarcity of basic necessities of human beings is a result of global warming.  We asked a simple question to ourselves: Why is our Earth still getting hotter and hotter while more people are becoming eco-conscious? Our quest to find the answer made us realize that for many decades we, humans, have been busy addressing minor problems but failed to focus our limited time, skills, and resources to address the root causes of the problem. So we identified the root causes of global warming. To solve those root causes we founded Vyugam. 

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Why can't we stay here?

Humans in every corner of the earth are gradually losing the basic stuff that is required to live a peaceful and happy life. Air is being polluted, freshwater is running out, livable land area is shrinking, and healthy food is becoming uncommon because we are losing biodiversity and soil fertility. One second of procrastination means we lose many days of our life span available on this beautiful planet. 

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Where are we going?

We believe in togetherness. We believe in action. We believe that solving root causes will not only reverse global warming but will also fulfill everyone's basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, and happiness.  We believe millions of people in the world are feeling the same as we feel. We are joining hands with them either as clients or as colleagues, irrespective of their geographical location. Together, we will ensure that humanity is leading a healthy and peaceful life. 

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What do we do for our clients?

Our clients' success is our success. So we solve any kind of challenges our client may have. Yes, really - any challenges. All that matters to us is whether or not our clients' business or charity will truly create a positive impact. 

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How are we different?

We understand our clients better than anyone else. We value the differences of our colleagues. Their passion is our passion. We divest our income and expenses in the cause that we all care deeply about. We will not fund the projects, businesses, or individuals who act unethically, which is against our business purpose. Bonus - we are specialists in every function of a business. To name few, we are a human resource specialist, a marketing specialist, an operational manager, as well as a business strategist. We get things done.

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Why you should hire us?

You are a social entrepreneur and you are solving a real-world problem. Let's say, you and your team plant trees and fight against deforestation. You are considering hiring a business consultant to solve one of your problems. You have 2 options: Consultancy A can solve your problem, but they also work with deforestation companies and help them destroying more forests. Consultancy B can solve your problem, and they would proudly deny even a million-dollar offer from an organization that works against your business values. We are the Consultancy B type. Whom would you hire?

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Why you should work here?

In your personal life, you make choices not to hurt people, the planet, and animals. Can you say the same about your work life? Does it create a negative impact in any direct or indirect way? If yes, you should work with us. Because we are a team who will not settle for a personal life that saves a million but with a work-life that kills a billion. We believe that any individual with the right attitude and drive to reverse global warming has the ability to learn and be trained in any business skill they put their mind to. 

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