Think positive. You may be suffering. But, never give up. Sometimes all you can do is just believe that everything will be all right. You will be surprised and you - will - be - happy.


a Berkshire pig

Hey buddies, it's funny but guess what? My name is Buddy too! Yes, Buddy, the Berkshire.


My family have a great sense of smell, which is good and also bad. The bad part is I sense the smell of my family members being barbequed. Especially, increasingly, these days. My family thinks it's our fate to end up on a BBQ spit. But, I've always believed that is not my fate. I believe there will be someone with courage who can change our fate. 9 weeks have passed since I was born, but no one has helped us.


I still don't want to give up. All I can do is to believe that all is going to be well and live the present moment.


The day had come. Oh yes - I still remember that day! I just smelled a superhero wearing a fantastic black colour costume rushing towards me. Because of the superhero, I didn't end up in the BBQ spit. Instead, I went to a place I now call home, RASTA.


Just living my blissful life with the friends of my kind and other kinds whom I call my family.