Love others and be lovable. When you are a little upset or even when you are in a life-threatening situation, true love will protect you and others.


a lovable sheep

We were young lambs purchased for slaughter by a farmer who wanted to attain farm status and get a break on her property taxes.

We are not tax-saving tools and not food. We are brothers and want to live with a large family of beautiful animals and people.

Finally, the fateful day arrived and we were marked for death by the local butcher who spray-painted numbers on our backs to signal that we were ready for slaughter.

We longed to be loved and graze happily. A kind neighbour who had grown fond of us could not allow us to be killed. She convinced the farmer to spare our lives.

So then we made our last journey, to our new beginnings at RASTA Sanctuary - our loving home. The cherry on top is that the farmer decided against getting any more lambs to maintain farm status and opted to grow fruits and vegetables instead!


The RASTA Sanctuary is one of only two farm sanctuaries on all of Vancouver Island and the need for our help is constant and great! If you see value in the work that we do, please consider making a donation to help support our efforts. 


The RASTA Calendar 2020 is crafted with love by a total of 7 volunteers from 3 different organisations, RASTA, Mystic Lights, and Vyugam Business Consulting & Climate Emergency Solutions, who are experts in their area of work. We would like to take a moment to thank each one of them as well as the residents of RASTA for sharing their love and wisdom with all of us.