Solving Business Problems.

Things happen. We are with you to recommend alternative course of actions.

"Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity"

- inspired by Gerhard Gschwandtner's wisdom 

Check out some of the business problems we had solved in the recent past.

  • 01/

    Covid-19 is changing the way we operate

    Problem Statement: Coronavirus is forcing our customers to self-isolate at home. We are a service restaurant and it seems we have to start a delivery service ASAP. Say 3 days, can you make that happen?

  • 02/

    Not Recommended By Our Customers On Social Media

    Problem Statement: We've been in business for so many years. We serve hundreds of customers every single day. But, when someone who is new to the city goes on Facebook to ask for a recommendation, none of our customers ever recommend or mention us. Can you help us change this situation?

  • 03/

    Understanding Our Customer Expectations

    Problem Statement: We serve a variety of customer segments. This makes it difficult for us to understand them in order to serve them better. We want to cater to their changing needs to succeed in our competitive market. How can you help?

  • 04/

    Social Enterprise Startup Support

    Problem Statement: I have a business idea that will reverse global warming. I don't have a capital investment. I could apply for funding but financial institutions are asking for a traditional business plan which I don't have or believe in for various reasons. How can you help?

  • 05/

    Managing Customer Requests

    Problem Statement: We have a loyal customer following on social media. They frequently make suggestions and recommend areas where we could improve. Though we would love to act on them, we don't have enough resources and expertise to successfully execute any more new projects. We need your help!

  • 06/

    Supporting Truly Ethical Non-Profits

    Problem Statement: Climate change is real and I believe I can do something about it through my business. I know there are many non-profits whom I can collaborate with to reverse global warming. Neither do I have the time to think about it nor to find out truly ethical non-profits that share my personal and business values. What would you suggest?

  • 07/

    I Am Unsure of How to Be Truly Sustainable

    Problem Statement: I am very new to living in a sustainable way. I know about the climate crisis but have never taken action before, and don't know what I can do. I've run a business (also have a new business idea) and I want to take action for the environment, but I have no idea where to begin or what changes I should make. I have so many questions. Can you help me?

Are you facing a unique challenge? Let's work together to solve. 

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"The first follower will turn any lone nut into a leader and together they start a movement"

- inspired by Derek Sivers's wisdom through his TED talk: how to start a movement


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