Breaking the status quo requires a lot of courage. It is painful. But that's exactly what makes you stand out of the crowd.


a courageous pig

I was a tiny little piglet when I was heading down a Saskatchewan highway, tightly packed inside a truck, with more of my kind.


The situation did not look right at all to me. Something was wrong and I had a feeling that I was going to be killed. Like me, my other friends were also looking scared and stressed.


The scene looked as if very soon we were going to be the victims of a massacre. I knew I needed to do something to save myself, but the truck was cruising at 100km/hr. I was desperate to live.


Luckily, because I was smaller than the rest, I could squeeze through a hole. So I decided to take the leap, and I did too! Yes, I jumped off the truck -- no kidding! A couple witnessed me hitting the ditch and rolling a number of times. They were kind enough to stop and pick me up. They brought me to the local vet clinic where I was treated for my injuries for over a week. Once I recovered, they found RASTA and brought me here.


Now I live a happy life at RASTA. I was not assured anything when I decided to make the jump and for all I knew I could have ended up dead on the road, but I decided to take that leap of faith. That helped me find people who cared for my well-being, people who found a way to accommodate me, people who got me to my home at RASTA.


The RASTA Sanctuary is one of only two farm sanctuaries on all of Vancouver Island and the need for our help is constant and great! If you see value in the work that we do, please consider making a donation to help support our efforts. 


The RASTA Calendar 2020 is crafted with love by a total of 7 volunteers from 3 different organisations, RASTA, Mystic Lights, and Vyugam Business Consulting & Climate Emergency Solutions, who are experts in their area of work. We would like to take a moment to thank each one of them as well as the residents of RASTA for sharing their love and wisdom with all of us.