Tips to make road trips socially and environmentally sustainable

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Each road trip of mine has been unique and helped me to evolve as a person.

How is it possible that most intellectual creature to ever walk the planet is destroying it's only home? - Jane Goodall

In the recent past, I made some terrific friends and started riding with them. These aren't just road trips – I make it a point to attach a theme for each trip like gender equality, no plastics, safe riding and others. Also, we carry our cutlery, steel bottle for the ride. We ensure that we do not buy packaged water and not waste food throughout the road trip. We don't consume liquor or non-vegetarian meals. We eat in small joints as far as possible and support the localities. We don't litter nor use plastics. Most importantly, we do not cause any harm to flora and fauna.

Despite all the above, there was one thing playing on my mind all these years: carbon emissions.

All my rides to date, cannot be classified as fully socially and environmentally responsible tours, because I overlooked my carbon footprint. On the one hand, I was spreading the word on how to reduce your carbon footprint, and on the other hand, I was on the road every third month of the calendar.

During a meeting with my Vyugam team recently, I learnt ways to reduce my carbon footprint. Trees are amazing; they are the living carbon offsetters, and they work for free. New learning and I loved it. This idea blew my mind and excited me lots.

After the meeting, I immediately researched various carbon offsetting strategies and found an organization working on carbon offset programs called Carbon Footprint. I quickly calculated the total amount of carbon emission from my recent road trip to Coorg and realized I emitted 0.34 tonnes of carbon dioxide by riding 750-kilometre.

Thanks to the Carbon Footprint, I donated an amount that matched the total emissions, and they would use the money to carbon-neutral my recent road trip. My joy knew no bounds, and I silently thanked team Vyugam. Such a gratification.

I will continue to act responsibly during my future road trips and offset the carbon emissions by planting trees.

Always leave a place better than you found it.

Thanks again Vyugam, you helped me evolve as a human, and my road trips will get better here-on.

Love and peace,


Sustainable Supply Chain and Project Management Specialist at VYUGAM

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