Changemakers in Need.

Changemakers deserve free yet high-quality professional services from Vyugam.

“இயல்வது கரவேல்"

Translation: "Aid to your capacity"

- inspired by Avvaiyar's wisdom 

Who is this program for?

There are fantastic non-profit organizations that are already solving or set up to provide 5 Truly Sustainable Solutions. They ensure basic necessities such as food, water, air, health & happiness are met for humans around the world. Unfortunately, they cannot afford to pay for our professional services. We believe that a lack of money should not stop them from solving the root causes of global warming.

What do we do about it?

With the generous support of Volunteers and Interns, we provide our professional services free of cost to those incredible changemakers who are working hard to create positive impacts in the lives of humans and animals. 

RASTA Calendar 2020

We have recently collaborated with RASTA Farm Animal Sanctuary through this program. Together, we have created a Rasta Calendar 2020 which supplemented their fund raising effort. 

Checkout the project

Are you an eligible charity?

Do you believe in Truly Sustainable Solutions and would like to donate your time to change-making non-profits?

Please apply below. As a bonus, you will receive our professional training for free.

We are looking forward to your application.