Be a Superhero


Some people cannot speak for themselves, or they speak a language that others cannot understand. If you can speak and if others can understand your language, be their voice. You can be their superhero.


a wise goat

Have you ever felt neglected? That's exactly how I would describe my past.


​My brother Garfunkel and I had a pretty rough past. We were living with a person who wasn’t taking good care of us. He found us troublesome and was even planning on turning us into pepperoni.


​We were helpless. But did you know? Help often comes from a place we least expect it to. Only a few would understand this better than I do. A kind neighbour came into our lives as a ray of hope. He confronted the person we were living with and took us off his hands.


​Later that day, we came to RASTA. We couldn’t have been happier! Although my brother has sinced passed away, he had many good years here with me at the sanctuary and was loved and with a real family.  And although I miss him, I’m still having a great time in the sanctuary and have become good friends with the other animals here. No matter how many friends I make, nobody will ever replace my brother, but I’m never alone and never neglected and for that I’m grateful, and I know that if I ever need help there’s kind humans here that will amplify my voice.


The RASTA Sanctuary is one of only two farm sanctuaries on all of Vancouver Island and the need for our help is constant and great! If you see value in the work that we do, please consider making a donation to help support our efforts. 


The RASTA Calendar 2020 is crafted with love by a total of 7 volunteers from 3 different organisations, RASTA, Mystic Lights, and Vyugam Business Consulting & Climate Emergency Solutions, who are experts in their area of work. We would like to take a moment to thank each one of them as well as the residents of RASTA for sharing their love and wisdom with all of us.