We help social entrepreneurs and changemakers to build brands. Yes, brands - not businesses.




The changing world needs every single social entrepreneur, change-maker, and social innovator to realize their visions. These efforts will move us toward a greener and more sustainable community and support us all in living happy and healthy lives.


Vyugam is a team of humble, passionate, and eco-conscious business management professionals who ensure social entrepreneurs, change-makers, and social innovators are successful. We do this by identifying and supplying required business resources, knowledge, and expertise, no matter the stage of the business life cycle. 



Passionate and value-driven changemakers like you may not be sufficient enough to run a successful social enterprise.


In reality, social entrepreneurs have to compete with traditional businesses and corporations. 


Vyugam is a specialist in specific business management skills and as a bonus, we put people and planet before profit, just like you!

“Your real strength comes from being the best you you can be. Who are you? What are you good at? What makes you, you?”

- inspired by Po's wisdom from the movie Kung Fu Panda



The creative approaches that you take as a social entrepreneur to solve social and environmental problems are often overlooked or underestimated by the general population. 


For the past few decades, people's mind was conditioned only with the concept of the linear economy rather than the circular economy. 


Vyugam shares your passion and values. We understand your thought process better than anyone else.

“தெரிந்த இனத்தொடு தேர்ந்தெண்ணிச் செய்வார்க்கு
அரும்பொருள் யாதொன்றும் இல்"


Translation: "There is nothing too difficult to achieve for those who reflect well themselves, and thoroughly consider their act with carefully chosen collaborators, before they act"

- inspired by Thiruvalluvar's wisdom 




Teams within social enterprises often suffer from a lack of coordination and focus compared to purely-for-profit businesses. 


Profit being the strongest or only driver from all directions of a for-profit organization, it is easy for them to organize the team to work towards the common goal, money. The increasing number of social and environmental problems disrupt the focus pithing the teams of social enterprises. As a result, they struggle to achieve immediate goals to solve bigger problems in future. 


Vyugam doesn't just understands this constraint but also knows how to inclusively structure the project team and get things done while enhancing the team spirit. We are professionally trained inclusive project leaders and not just traditional project managers. 

"Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, the strategy is useless"

- inspired by Morris Chang's wisdom 


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"The first follower will turn any lone nut into a leader and together they start a movement"

- inspired by Derek Sivers's wisdom through his TED talk: how to start a movement